Rechtien International Trucks Commitment to Personal Customer Visits via Recurring MMG Sales Blitz Program

Request Rechtien International Trucks, a commercial truck dealer with location in South Florida, needed a campaign to qualify prospects for face-to-face visits (Sales Blitz) in their markets, as well as to generate leads and fill their sales pipeline. 

"It’s all about teamwork and you and your staff [Mike Baucom and MMG] did amazing job. My team (number 8) was 100 percent with having the correct contact person, company address, customers mentioned receiving emails, etc. It was unbelievable.  We will be doing more of these. Stay tuned." 
     – Rich Reagan, General Manager Riviera Beach/Fort Pierce, Rechtien International Trucks

Solution Over the course of a month, MMG attempted calls to Rechtien’s list of 1,426 prospects, verifying contact and location information and qualifying opportunities for new truck sales.


Our contact center associates made up to 3 attempts to reach decision makers within each company and discuss needs plus promote the advantages of Rechtien International Trucks. A total of 3,422 phone calls were made. Those with immediate needs were quickly sent to Rechtien International Trucks via email so follow-up could take place right away. 

MMG organized a sales blitz plan, with eight blitz routes, giving each team an optimized route that included a map, list of stops and key contact to ask for. In advance of the blitz, MMG sent “Dropping In” messages via email and mail to prospects identified for the Sales Blitz, to inform them that Rechtien International Trucks representatives would be visiting on a given date. This helped open the door with company gate-keepers and secure visits with the decision makers. 

Apart from the sales blitz, MMG also provided the entire purified marketing list to Rechtien International Trucks so they had a quality target audience for marketing and sales.


24   Prospects were identified as good targets for a face-to-face visit during the Sales Blitz.

28 High-potential leads forwarded to dealer for immediate follow-up because they expressed interest and intent to purchase within the year. 

400+ Emails sent to prospects during campaign as follow-ups to call attempts. 

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