MMG Phone Outreach Team Results Remain Strong This Week Despite COVID-19 Crisis

MMG associates continue to work from home, supporting commercial truck dealers through phone outreach and mass email communication.

We were not certain how much success we would have this week as the Coronavirus took hold of more states and many investors lost faith in the market. However, as the week draws to a close, our contact rate and number of near-term opportunities uncovered (A-Leads) remains as strong as ever.

Despite the closure of physical locations, many decision makers are answering the phone and have time to talk. At the very least, we let them know dealers are open and making accommodations to continue to service commercial truck needs. Our callers have modified their approach to be more sympathetic to the uncertainty of the times and lend a helping hand rather than expect an opportunity.

Naturally, some businesses are postponing commercial vehicle purchase decisions until the COVID-19 crisis is over, but just as many companies need to purchase soon or have an urgent parts or service need. Most leads are coming from dry freight delivery, landscape and municipalities. We talked to a municipality yesterday in a hard-hit state who was in the process of requesting bids for dump trucks that very moment. Another hot lead came from a freight delivery company who needed to add a truck to his fleet right away.

Our crystal ball is no better than anyone else’s, but we are encouraged by the interest found so far and thought we’d share that good news.

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