Leverage Digital Marketing to Drive Fixed Operations Leads

In the face of limited availability of new truck inventory and growing competition for parts and service dollars, digital marketing focused on fixed operations offers terrific potential to fill those idle service bays and improve revenue for the dealership. There are a number of ways in which your commercial truck dealership can focus attention and energy on parts and service departments using digital marketing.

Digital Optimization: Drive traffic to parts and specials pages with a clear call to action (CTA) and enhanced fixed ops page content. Provide users with relevant information that customers are looking for and be sure to implement a linking strategy to allow customers to easily navigate to related pages. Digital optimization helps with organic growth (non-paid strategies), but only if you dedicate resources to continually optimize your fixed operations website pages.

Paid Campaigns: Once your digital house is in order, Google Search and Display Network Service Campaigns, Facebook Service Ad Campaigns and other paid advertising vehicles will help reach the right audience seeking your dealership’s parts and service offerings. Understanding keywords, competitive analysis, campaign targets, targeting/retargeting and budgets all play a role in launching a successful paid campaign.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is still an important way to serve customers. With a solid strategy to develop targeted campaigns using dealership and OEM databases, your dealership can keep communication open between the dealership and customers; drive traffic to parts/service-related pages on your website; educate customers; encourage reviews; and monitor overall results. Leverage email marketing to generate leads with form submissions, inquiries, and appointments scheduled.

Google My Business (GMB) Optimization: Basic steps like adding a parts and service page for your dealership to Google My Business, can have a huge impact on your dealership’s overall search traffic, which leads to conversions. Google My Business is considered an essential element for showing up in local search results. Dealerships with separate department listings provide more relevant information to a user, thereby showing up twice as frequently in search results as dealerships that don’t focus on GMB.

Remember, your dealership has not one, but three opportunities to show up first in Google rankings for every search – paid ads, in the map pack or knowledge graph, and organic results. Being present in these valuable spaces at the top of searcher’s results will help you increase clicks, website traffic and leads to your dealership.

What’s even more exciting is that when your dealership consciously works on its fixed operations presence, it is developing and maintaining customer relationships and building trust in your dealership, all while driving traffic to your service bays.

How Can MMG Help My Dealership with Fixed Operations Marketing?

It’s simple. We do it all. Digital marketing, paid search, email marketing and GMB are all elements of our marketing services. We also use phone outreach and direct mail to make sure you reach prospects across all marketing channels. As specialists in truck marketing, you can count on us to understand your goal, strategize with you, and create a plan to meet your dealership’s parts and service department needs.

We work with truck dealers nationwide on all brands in support of the dealership’s marketing team. Reach out or call us today, 636-231-3300, to learn more!

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