Holiday Season “To Do” List and Beyond

Coach Ken Taylor's Corner
KenTaylor, "America's Corporate & Personal Coach"

We are officially in the “Holiday Season” now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. The last month of the year brings a multitude of opportunities to build relationships with clients and prospects. I live by a quote I wrote over 20 years ago, “The road to the extra mile is never crowded.” Few sales professionals or dealerships really go out of their way to travel down this road. Sure, they get greeting cards that are signed, “Happy Holidays” with a scribbled signature. The impact? The card gets put in a pile with the other dozens of cards. Well, it’s time to be different! This is a perfect time of year to create the “Wow Factor.” What is the “Wow Factor?” Any time you do something for the customer and their reaction is “Wow!” followed by words of thanks and gratitude.

It’s not too late to really standout with your clients and go that uncrowded extra mile! Here is a “To Do” list to choose from! I have put blanks by each item, so you can check them off!

____ 1. Make sure you have a “TOP 20.” We all know that most likely 90% of your business comes from these customers. Make sure this group gets very customized and personal messages on a regular basis and especially during the holiday season.

____ 2. For the rest of your clients as well as prospects whom you have contacted send a handwritten card. If you really want to stand out, go to and type in the search bar, “Pop up Christmas Cards.” It will give you great choices in lots of price ranges! Make sure your message is personal and warm!

____ 3. Make a personal call to your Top 20 thanking each person for their business. You will be surprised how many requests you get for quotes, information, and commitments to buy in 2019 without even asking!

____ 4. Make sure you have put all your clients and prospects on a monthly contact/mailing system. This pays big dividends! Never forget the adage, “out of sight, out of mind.”

____ 5. Make a commitment to say in touch with your TOP 20 no less than monthly. The easiest way to do this is through an online newsletter. You can use Constant Contact, iContact, or Mail Chimp to both design and control your database.

____ 6. Plan a meeting with your TOP 20 to discuss 2019. This conversation includes going over their buying needs and getting an update on their business changes (personnel changes, obstacles, their competition). The best way to keep your long-time customers is through great contact and communication…remember, sales is a “contact” sport!

____ 7. Make sure you are connected with all your clients and prospects through social media, especially LinkedIn.

____ 8. If you haven’t started a Commercial You Tube channel it might be time! You can post customer testimonials, walkarounds, and new inventory as well as manufacturers videos.

____ 9. Make your Commercial New Year’s resolutions! Also called a sales and marketing plan, it’s a great time to prepare for 2019 and make it your best year ever in commercial and fleet sales!

To all our followers, Happy Holidays and may your 2019 be not only successful but also may you touch as many lives as possible in a positive way!

Known as, "America's Corporate & Personal Coach," Ken Taylor's advice and services have helped companies like General Electric, General Motors, Chrysler, CitiBank, Wells Fargo, and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States.

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