Our Contact Center Associates can help with commercial truck prospect qualification by calling vast numbers of business records to determine who you need to talk to - and who you don't.

Our Phone Outreach is successful because:

  • We understand the criteria for qualified sales, parts, and service leads.

  • We take time to learn about your dealership and your local market so we can speak about the unique advantages of your dealership. 

  • We participate in OEM product training and stay immersed in the commercial truck industry. 

  • We have contact management and dial technology for efficient record management, information storage, reports and real-time lead alerts to your dealership. 

  • We utilize compiled data sources and perform online research to find independent repair facilities that service commercial trucks. 

  • We tap into additional resources to find missing or invalid phone numbers - especially valuable in privacy states.

  • We are 100% dedicated to phone outreach, free from distractions faced by dealership personnel who have other responsibilities.