OverDrive 6 Campaign Brings Parts & Service Leads for Van Buren Truck Sales

Request Van Buren Truck Sales, a commercial truck dealer with two locations in New York, wanted to promote their Parts & Service departments and perform a data cleanse/refresh on existing customer database.

"When working with MMG, I see an increase in new faces coming in the door. MMG has helped increase our parts and service business by introducing us to customers who did not know we were here or were not aware of the services we offer."
     – Butch Thomas, Parts Manager, Van Buren Truck Sales

Solution  MMG conducted an OverDrive 6 program, which included integrated marketing prospect calling, real-time emails, monthly dealer emails and direct mail campaigns. 

MMG targeted 1,282 prospective parts and service customers during the six-month time period, with up to 10 call attempts made to each record. 

Throughout the program, monthly emails were sent to prospects, encouraging them to visit the dealership. The emails included articles of interest to parts and service buyers, as well as custom special offers on parts when having preventive maintenance or inspections performed. The emails linked to a custom landing page with additional dealer information and links to the dealer’s website. 

At the end of the program, the MMG team also provided the entire purified marketing list to Van Buren Truck Sales so they now have a quality target audience for marketing and sales.


810   Valid prospect phone numbers appended to the client’s data file via phone append process. And additional 282 were added via online research.

28 High-potential leads forwarded to dealer for immediate follow-up because they expressed interest and intent to purchase within the year. 

60 Additional leads confirmed as expressing interest in the dealer and brands for future purchase consideration. 

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