Open Recall Outreach 

Win Service Customers Through Open Recall Outreach

This marketing program was designed to get customers with outstanding recalls to schedule appointments for the recall work. It is being offered to all dealerships.

What’s in it for the dealership:
  • Acquire First Time Customers

  • Win Back Inactive Customers

  • Increase Customer Pay Revenue

  • Enhance Overall Service Retention

  • Preserve CSI & Brand Integrity

How It Works:


You provide us with your list of VINs with outstanding recalls (usually available from the OEM) in an Excel or .csv file and we’ll prepare the list for outreach:

  • Group VINs with unique customer

  • Clean data and attempt to append missing contact information from compiled business data

  • Launch list into a phone and email outreach program that includes:

    • Up to 3 call attempts to talk to a live person

    • Appointment scheduling coordinated with your dealership

    • Reminder call one day prior to scheduled appointment

    • One email blast to customers based on the email addresses collected through phone outreach or otherwise available from your DMS

Dealership Requirements:
Provide the following:
  1. An excel or .csv file of VINS with outstanding recall. This data is usually available from your OEM. Include contact information where possible (customer name, address, city, state, phone number, email, truck VIN and recall campaign ID, name and description).

  2. Details about other special offers we can promote to customers, such as a discounted oil change or free safety inspection.

  3. Ideally, provide two contacts at dealership for appointment confirmations. 


For questions, or if you are interested in participating in this program, contact us.