Multi-Touch Landscape Prospecting

An Omnichannel Approach to Converting Sales This Landscaping Season

Your potential landscaping clients aren’t one-size-fits-all, so why should your marketing approach be? Let MMG help you use an omni-channel approach, with outbound phone calls, email, direct mail and Facebook. These are powerful tools on their own, but combined, you’ll see higher conversions and a better ROI for your marketing spend.

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Methods of Outreach

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Digital Marketing.png
Email Marketing.png

Phone Outreach: We call your prospect list to promote your landscaping inventory. Along the way, email addresses and other identifiers are added which Facebook can use to serve up your ads to matched accounts and look-alike profiles.

Facebook Advertising: After the first wave of call activity, we compare your list to Facebook and learn how many Facebook accounts match. To expand your reach, we also utilize profiling within Facebook to build a look-alike audience. We design a Facebook ad to promote your landscaping inventory. Ad design and campaign reporting are also included in your program.


Email Marketing: One post-call email, plus one eBlast marketing campaign featuring your key messages and a link to your landscaping inventory.


Direct Mail: One high-impact direct mail piece as another way to reach your target audience and stay top-of-mind.

Multi-Touch Prospecting Campaigns from MMG Now Include Facebook Advertising

Using MMG for outreach not only gets your sales message out to the right person, but it also builds a clean prospect list that can be used for custom audience Facebook ad campaigns that target your landscape truck ads to these potential customers and their Facebook look-alike audience. Read more.