Long-Term Nurturing Drives Sales for RWC Group

Request In 2015, RWC Group Washington wanted to expand and manage an active prospect database and nurture it over time while keeping prospect leads updated and fresh. 

Solution MMG began initial prospect calling in 2015. By 2016, MMG was working on data purification, lead generation and database creation. MMG increased RWC database to over 5,000 prospects by the end of the year while simultaneously generating leads.

In 2017, both email marketing and direct mail was integrated into the prospecting/nurturing efforts. In addition to OverDrive campaigns, programs targeting vocations, specific classes of trucks, and open accounts at dealership were included.

So pleased with the work, in 2018, RWC Group allowed MMG to begin working directly in the dealership’s CRM. MMG’s team trained and began working in RWC CRM to continue updating prospects and keeping the dealership top of mind.

Our combined vision was achieved, and we continue to serve RWC’s marketing needs. Now well versed in the RWC CRM, MMG continues to reach out to thousands of qualified prospects through phone, email and mailers. RWCs database is always up to date and leads continue to acquired.


15,000   Prospect touches - and counting.

7,000 Updated qualified prospect base in the Washington/Idaho area.

2,600 Confirmed email addresses to use for future marketing efforts

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