MMG’s Drip Campaign Drives Parts & Service

Prospects for Housby Isuzu 

Request Housby Isuzu, a commercial truck dealer in Des Moines, Iowa, wanted to promote Isuzu parts and service, thereby increasing awareness in the market and driving more parts and service business.

"We’ve gotten a lot of good leads from this program that have panned out into new customers in every aspect of our business. It helped us get a foot in the door with new customers, and kept our name in front 
of current customers. I couldn’t ask for better results! "

Tyler Olson, Director of Operations, Housby Isuzu

Solution MMG’s 12-month Drip parts and service marketing program which establishes a segmented list of qualified parts and service buyers and a steady stream of marketing material to keep the dealership top-of-mind when needs arise.

Using an OEM-provided list of 205 Isuzu commercial truck owners in Housby’s market, MMG’s phone team called each company and:


  • Identified the parts and service buyer

  • Asked a series of questions to find out where they go for general maintenance, repairs, and parts (if purchasing directly)


  • Classified each company according to their preferences (e.g., use dealer, use independent repair facility, or perform maintenance in-house) 


  • Promoted the advantage of dealer service and Isuzu’s Genuine and FleetValue® parts


  • Collected email addresses and other contact information useful for staying in touch 

  • Uncovered immediate parts and service opportunities which were live transferred to dealership


3   Immediate opportunities uncovered and forwarded to dealership for quote and or scheduling.

53 Qualified and launched 
into drip marketing. 

45 Click-through rate and 26% open rate achieved on monthly email so far.

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