Favorable Results Reported for Dealers Participating in International Truck A26 Engine Conquest Prospecting Program

MMG has been on the phone for the past month, prospecting on behalf of 4 International Truck dealers to generate leads for the International trucks and the A26 engine. Mid-program results are in and it appears the conquest strategy is working.

Goal Support International Dealers efforts to promote the A26 engine, and the full line of trucks with A26 engine as an option.

Strategy Targeting owners of competitive brands and comparable engines to generate interest in International trucks (LT, HX, HV and RH) and the A26 Engine. Lists obtained from IHS Polk within each dealer’s AOR.

Mid-Program Results 

7%   leads so far confirmed

25% Qualified Confirmed Decision-makers for acquiring trucks for the company. 

23% Email addresses collected and intro email sent including dealership contact, International A26, and other talking points.

Phone Outreach Round One Results MMG associates received comprehensive training about the A26 engine performance highlights and the International Truck models it’s available with. Armed with competitive model comparison information, the MMG team dialed over 4,000 companies who own predominately Freightliner and other Class 8 trucks with a 12L-15L diesel engine.

Three attempts were made to identify and speak to the decision-maker at each company. 25 percent of the time, MMG was able to collect the name and contact information, including email address for the decision-maker. Direct conversations were had with 7 percent that were receptive to the International brand and A26 engine.  Between 1-2 percent will be in the market to purchase this year. Those A-Leads were automatically forwarded to their respective dealer via email alert for a seamless handoff to the dealer’s sales team.

Another wave of phone outreach takes place 3 months from now. In the meantime, qualified prospects are nurtured monthly through email and direct mail also executed by MMG.

Interested in MMG’s A26 Engine Conquest Prospecting Program?